R&B/Funk Band

Laying down old & new school jams that move your body and fill your soul!


a section of a work presenting a moment or revelation in which you suddenly see or understand something in a new or very clear way


NuEpiphany is comprised primarily of four seasoned professional musicians who have come together to bring new life and energy to the R&B and funk music we all know and love.  The group prides itself in creating a space where numerous professionals come together creating new expressions of the music.  As new energy flows into and out of the group, the resulting synergy sparks new “epiphanies”. 

Each week they not only breathe life into original gems, but funk up old school and new school jams.  The result is music that not only moves your body, but fills your soul.

The main players are all long performing professionals in their own right, working with local, national, and international recording artists and performers.  Together, they are a force to be reckoned with - unstoppable.



James "Cisco" Gaskins, Bass Guitar

James "Cisco" Gaskins, a native of the Nation's Capital, Washington DC, began playing professionally at 15 in a back-up band for "The Intrepids" and has been gigging ever since.  He moved from The Intrepids to the band for Robert (Bobby) Parker, the artist who wrote and recorded "Bare Footing".  In hot demand, Cisco joined the Softones and toured with them for several years both domestically and internationally, securing his status as the premier backup bass player on the East Coast.  In addition to co-leading NuEpiphany, Cisco lends his incredible talents to such bands and recording artists as Midnight Crossfire, Double Shot, Kim Pacheco, and the One Human Family Choir.



Rob Jiggetts - Drums and Percussion

Rob Jiggetts, a native of New York City, is an accomplished musician, producer and actor. He began playing drums at age five and has since added full percussion and bass guitar to his repertoire. Rob taught both middle school and high school music classes in Washington D.C. He is the co-leader of NuEPIPHANY and ontinues to play with various local Jazz, R&B, Funk, Country, and Gospel Bands. Rob is also a DJ for 90.7 FM WNCU and a community organizer for the Walltown Children's Theatre in Durham, NC.

Rob's list of accolades include playing drums, percussion and sometimes bass for local and national recording artists such as Raymond Wise, Satin Soul, Midnight Crossfire, Double Shot, Kim Pacheco, Freddie Green Jazz Band, the One Human Family Choir and various churches.


Kevin Smiley - Lead/Rhythm Guitar

Kevin Smiley, a native of Southside VA, grew up in a musical family under the tutelage of his father, Jimmy Smiley, a member of the Midnight Movers.  He learned to play the sax in grade school and was playing with the Midnight Movers by the age of 14.  By age 16, Kevin had taken to rhythm guitar, inspired by Van Halen and Stevie Ray Vaughan to create and develop his own unique blend of rock, R&B, and funk.  He continues to impress diverse audiences with his skillful fusion of music genres and passionate style and showmanship.  In addition to NuEpiphany, Kevin continues to play with Midnight Crossfire, Double Shot, and other bands from NC and VA.



Cara Williams - Vocals

Cara Williams, a native of Lady's Island, SC, has been touring for over 15 years both domestically and abroad as a co-director and soloist/lead vocalist for the One Human Family Choir.  She has also performed solo at various programs, and ceremonies including weddings, festivals, and other public/private events .  A respected choir clinician, facilitator, organizer, and mentor, Cara has presented clinics and workshops across the United States and in Canada.  She specializes in bringing singers and musicians of diverse backgrounds/populations together to present musical models of unity to the wider community.  The product of a musical family, Cara is skilled on flute, dabbles with the piano, and holds her own on drums and percussion, but it is her singing that has endeared her to the masses.  Cara’s voice is warm, soulful , and filled with emotional energy.  Deeply rooted in spiritual/Gospel music, and heavily influenced by classical, R&B, funk, and jazz greats, her versatile vocal style is evident in her performances.  Cara’s interaction with audiences is upbeat and engaging.  She captures them with her smile, draws them in with her humor, and captivates them with her electrifying voice.



NuEpiphany utilizes the talents and energy of several gifted musicians both in North Carolina and across the United States.  As our circle of co-conspirators grows, we continue to lengthen and strengthen our roster of musicians across the US on whom we can call to enhance our sound at any venue.

Our list of usual suspects includes:

  Reginald "Reg" Watson, Keys,  Apex NC

Reginald "Reg" Watson, Keys, Apex NC

Reginald Watson - Keys

Reginald "Reg" Watson of Apex NC, is an extraordinary keyboardist. He plays with a number of artists in addition to being a primary member of the "Anything Goes" band which plays Jazz, R&B and Hip Hop music.  Don't let his humble laid-back nature fool you - Reg is a certified BEAST on Keys!


  Serena Wiley, Saxophone,   New York City, NY

Serena Wiley, Saxophone, New York City, NY

Serena Wiley - Sax

Serena Wiley is an accomplished and versatile saxophonist who studied under notable saxophonists Dr. Ira Wiggins and Branford Marsalis.  In addition to playing the sax, she is also blessed with a rich voice which she lends to background vocals. Serena is an extraordinary musician with her own unique style.  Her first love is straight-ahead jazz, but she definitely runs with the big dogs in the R&B/funk arena.


  Tracy "Percussion Lady" Francis,  Washington DC

Tracy "Percussion Lady" Francis, Washington DC

Tracy Francis - Percussion

Tracy "Percussion Lady" Francis of Washington DC, is a master percussionist who enjoys R&B/Funk, as well as Dance, Jazz, Latin, Reggae, and World Music.  She brings style and energy to every show and knows how to move a crowd.  In DC, you can catch her with Sudden M Pac Band and the band X-Factor

Dilsey Davis - Vocals

Dilsey Davis is a singer/actress/producer who has been in the business for over 20 years.  She has traveled the globe with groups of various sizes as a Director and both lead and background vocalist.  Whether on the stage, the small screen or the big screen, Dilsey leaves nothing behind - she is, as they say, a quadruple threat!

  Dilsey Davis, Vocals,  Atlanta GA

Dilsey Davis, Vocals, Atlanta GA

Charles Callahan - Lead/Rhythm Guitar

Charles OS.png

Charles "chuckles" Callahan, a native of Philadelphia, PA, is a master guitarist in the genres of R&B, Classic Funk, Smooth Jazz and Pop.  He toured for over 20 years with the funk group, Ready Made Family on guitar and vocals.  The group shared the stage with greats such as Lakeside, Rose Royce, and Cameo.  In addition to playing for NuEpiphany, Charles has also lent his talents to Freddie Green.

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